June 8, 2011

Lips, hips and 1960?

Get your groove on by revamping your style with some fabulous items.

Start with a new lipcolor:
Chanel's Rouge Allure lipsticks are to die for. The colors are so splendid. Pink, red and orange!
‘Rouge Allure Velvet’ can be purchased from 16 augustus 2011. 

Due to a high concentration of micropigments the colors are intense. Choose La Fascinante (red), La Ravissante (coral) of L’ExubĂ©rante (pink).

Crochet shorts 

Anna Sui shorts


House of Harlow 1960 has some lovely pieces

June 2, 2011

Dare to Rock The Casbah?

I simply love Morocco and all it's cool inspirations. For me it's always a great joy to write about the wonderful things that this country arouses in it’s visitors/ fans, and the alluring tendencies it has on those who are curious.

Magical Morocco is not just a saying, it’s a promise. No wonder it continues to be a great walhala for artists, designers, writers, photographers and so on. Of course there are those who don't feel any connection or attraction to this country and the things it’s known for and that’s fine.

So what is it that attracts and calls out to us? Most definately the hidden mysteries that are so appealing. Once the veil is lifted and we discover what lies underneath……

With the summer on it's way many have already planned their getaways. Sun, sea and beaches are always a great way to spend your holiday. And I bet you are craving new swimwear.

Wanna look different, feel sexy yet sophisticated then the new summer collection from Beach Bunny swimwear will surely catch your attention and that of your viewers.

Rock the Casbah! is the name of collection (with Moroccan influences) and ooh how it rocks. Whether you have an exclusive beach event or intimate pool party to go to, you will feel glamorous and like the queen of the Casbah (= castle or palace).

I am sold.  Below you can find my favorites.

Colourful tunic
Just love the crystal trim pieces in the front

Black tunic with coins

The coins on the side are lovely
My absolute FAVORITE!!!



May 24, 2011

Cutting edge or playing safe?

Aren’t we ladies always ready to purchase new bags? You just can’t have enough of them. While some may prefer simple not too flashy bags, others are drawn to cutting edge items.

Designers VLIEGER & VANDAM have been making heads turn for a number of years since they started their business in 2004. They are a Dutch accessories label which specialises in high quality, handmade bags and small leather goods for women and men.

Their Guardian Angel collection is one that truly captures the attention. It’s not only bold and risky but also carries a message: our (addiction to) fear which is being fed by the increasing crime and violence in the media.

My must-have choice is the the Guardian Angel clutch with knife imprint.

 The first pieces of this collection where made out of second-hand bags and wool.

Not in the mood for a clutch but an attachĂ© bag that’s on the safe side? Then this might be just about right for you.

May 18, 2011

Coming soon!

This new and hip blog will soon be launched. Everything ladies need to stay up to date with in the land of fashion and lifestyle. Get ready to sip up the news in a different way!